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The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provides you with an excellent training course

– For those who wish to excel in the specialization of libraries and information
– For those who would like to have tremendous practical experience in their field

 The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provides you with an excellent training course ”
Congressional Classification ”
Which you will come out of and you are fully aware of the classification of Congress and all branches applied by my work.

The Library Library is considered the second most widely used classification scheme in the Arab world after the classification of Dewey Al Ashri and the libraries it uses in the Arab world, for example, the University of Bahrain Library, the United Arab Emirates University Library, the Abu Dhabi National Library, the Qatar University Library, the American University in Cairo, and the Cairo Library.

One of the most important reasons why many Arab libraries with large research groups have not been adopted to classify the Library of Congress with their interest in applying it is its lack of use in the Arab region. It is difficult to understand some of the tables except after obtaining in-depth training. Few Arab clerks (especially those working in American libraries) have in-depth training to classify Congress as trainers with long experience in this field.

Course Objectives:

This course aims to give a comprehensive definition of the Congressional classification, with a focus on tables and the installation of numbers on the materials that are abundant in Arab libraries such as: Islamic religion and Islamic jurisprudence, literature and Arabic language, social sciences and law, while dedicating sufficient time to practical application and classifying books as applied models.

Target audience:

Library students, recent graduations from libraries and information departments interested in developing their skills before entering the labor market, Arab academics in the field of libraries who are interested in teaching the Library of Congress classification, and Arab libraries in general interested in identifying the Congressional classification.


* General introduction to Congressional classification
* How to use Classification Web
* Classification of topics of Islamic religion (Table BP)
* Classification of topics of Islamic jurisprudence (KBP table)
* Classification of Arabic Language Subjects (PJ Table)
* Classification of topics of Arabic literature (Table PJ)
* Classification of Social Sciences and History of the Arab World (Table H, D)
* Classification of legal topics with a focus on the classification of the laws of the Arab States (Table K)
* Practical Training

Duration of the course :
5 days (25 training hours)
From 23 to 27 April 2017

the coach :

Professor: Iman_khairi
First Indexing Specialist, National Library of Qatar
Master of Library Science and Information from the University of Pittsburgh, United States
I worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the University College London, Qatar.

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