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Cooperation Protocol between the International Center and Unlimited service company

Believing in the International Center for libraries and information centers of the importance of information and investment personnel in its role in the upgrading of Arab integration and the development of Arab culture and the creation of new job opportunities contribute to reducing unemployment and increasing employment level, and in order to encourage the flow of the emergence of young Arab cadres and adopted, it has the keenness of the Center to work an agreement with a distinguished young cadres and open ways of cooperation with the company Unlimited services company headed by Mr. Ahmed Abdel Shafi, who is one of the ambitious young cadres who diligent wish him a brilliant future, vicuña is still a student band third Baks Libraries and Information, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, and is working hard to open a company in the field which works to provide specialized training courses in web design and maintenance of hardware and diploma graphics and computer skills … etc. Of the technological courses needed by any graduate, as well as the marketing of automated systems for the management of libraries and specialized companies, this is a distinctive work for him and a good example of the rest of his colleagues.

We are committed to working on the best technological training programs. We call on all concerned and professionals to take advantage of the benefits and guarantees offered by this agreement.
We also affirm our commitment to creating an excellent training environment that will attract more trainees and benefit from the distinguished human resources and employ them in the right place.

They are expecting to offer tremendous technological training programs through that cooperation and we hope that it will benefit the greatest number of students, graduates, and library and information specialists.

The schedule of these training programs will be published within days.

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