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Palestine establishes its first national memory … Announcement of the establishment of the Palestinian National Library

They asked me to love her? I said madly .. They said it is beautiful? I said more than you think .. They said where is it? I said in the heart and between the eyelids .. They said what its name? I said: My mother Palestine .. and others deserve to be.

Israel would always say that if the old generation who lived in Palestine died and ate of its goods and lived and grew up in it were his life and his childhood there if this generation will forget Palestine and the memory of Palestine, but the wind came with what the ships did not desire

Palestinian Culture Minister Ihab Bseisu announced the establishment of the Palestinian National Library near the city of Ramallah in the center of the West Bank. The libraries protect the memory of the people and preserve the heritage of humanity.

“This is a historic day and the library is a symbol of sovereignty over the land of Palestine,” Bisiso told a news conference at the library in the town of Sarda, north of Ramallah.

He pointed out that “the library will be interested in collecting and monitoring the Palestinian heritage and creativity, both inside and outside Palestine, a repository of documents, and a title of heritage and creativity.”

“The Library’s function is to collect and preserve copies of all publications issued inside and outside the country, to issue the national bibliography, to issue a directory of library services and basic information of the state and its institutions, and to collect, preserve and organize everything written about the State in various languages ​​of the world and in various fields.”

Bisiso pointed out that “the Library’s tasks are to preserve contemporary and old manuscript documents, to issue national standards for libraries and information, to supervise cataloging during publication, to issue research and studies in the field of libraries,

Five years ago, the guest house in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate was set up as a place for the president to accommodate the official foreign delegations of Palestine, but Abbas decided to turn it into a large national library

supervised by a board of trustees.

The building has an area of 4,700 square meters, as well as parks and a helipad. It is built on an area of 27,000 square meters.

The building is characterized by its beauty and is built in an Islamic architectural style

The beloved Palestine, no matter how much we have expressed to you about the amount of love and longing that we have for you, and whatever we wrote of poems and words, it remains few will not meet even a small part of what we feel, you are the land of steadfastness, and you warm embrace that we hope and hope God to distance us and return to us free With your beauty and magic

Because of this occasion, the International Center for Libraries and Information Centers, headed by Prof. Yasmine Ali, sends a telegram to congratulate the Palestinian people on the occasion of the celebration in the beginning of the establishment of the Palestinian National Library.

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