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Top 10 libraries in the world

No doubt the best way to acquire science and knowledge is to read, and the book has always been the primary source of information before the age of information technology that has made it possible to get the information by pressing a button online.

But even with the diffusion of information technology and the digital word, books remain the primary source of information as well as the source reliable to get the information, as the contents of the book are difficult to change and manipulate, as with the digital word.

Although the Arabs had been proactive in creating libraries and publishing books, they had not returned as well for many years, especially after the invention of the printer machine.

Currently, there are large libraries in the world with millions of books and manuscripts, with budgets of tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions, and, unfortunately, none of them have any Arab libraries.

Not only that, these libraries still attract the millions of visitors who find in the book the Best of a babysitter, as the poet Abu al-Tayeb al-Mutanbi said in the incapacity of his poetry and “The Best of a book of Time”.

According to numerous statistics, the British Library occupies the first place in terms of its contents of books, publications, publications, digital assets, manuscripts, etc.

The British Library, which has its main branch in London, has 170 million elements, between writers, manuscripts, print and others, including 14 million books.

Although the British Library, with a budget of £ 142 million, was founded in 1973, it has been in existence for more than 200 years, but it was then followed by the British Museum.

Second, the US Congressional library, founded in 1800, is sometimes vying for the first place with the British Library.

The Washington-based library has 161 million items, including 24 million books, with a budget of $598 million.

In the third place, the New York Public Library, founded in 1895, brings together some 53 million items, including 12 million books, and its annual budget is estimated at about $245 million.

From Russia, Russia’s Moscow State Library, founded in 1882, ranks fourth with a total contents of up to 48 million elements, including 17.5 million books, with an estimated budget of about $25 million, while the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, founded in 1795, ranked sixth With a total of 37 million items, including 15 million books and budgets of up to $23.5 million.

Fifth, the French National Library in Paris, which was founded in 1461, has 40 million items, including 14 million books, with a budget of 245 million euros.

The National Carbohydrate Library, founded in the Japanese capital of Tokyo in 1948, ranked seventh with its contents, estimated at 35.6 million, of which 12 million were writers. Its annual budget is estimated at approximately $221 million.

In the eighth place, the Danish Royal Library, based in Copenhagen, has the contents of up to 35.1 million elements, of which 6 million are books. The budget of the Library, established in 1648, amounts to $60 million.

In the ninth place, the Sino-National Library, founded in Beijing in 1909, has dissolved its 33.8 million contents, of which about 12 million are writers.

In the 10th place, the German National Library, founded in Frankfurt in 1912, came into being.

The library has about 30 million components, the total holdings of the Frankfurt and the post-merger libraries, with an estimated annual budget of about 41 million euros.
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