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Automated systems for the management of libraries

Library automation is an urgent requirement for libraries and information centers due to the large volume of libraries and the large volume of their activities. The volume of information vessels is also high, as is the need for accurate and quick information by the various departments and categories of beneficiaries, and the weakness of traditional manual systems to provide the beneficiaries with the information they need quickly. Possible and timely.

We must remember that information, whatever its importance and value, will not be useful unless we have access to and benefit from it. Hence, the importance of libraries’ automated systems is to help decision-makers make good decisions and optimize library and administrative activities through useful and systematic information provided by the system.

Libraries’ automated systems help to develop and develop libraries and information centers, improve continuous quality, technological innovation, business redesign and organization, the formulation and application of library strategy and the efficient and effective management of operations.

The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provides the open-source library management system “KOHA” in its latest version, which places the beneficiaries at the center of attention and thus we focus on enabling libraries to achieve higher performance and efficiency.