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Many public, private, academic and specialized institutions suffer from a huge amount of paper documents required for processing and storage. Although many organizations have begun to use content management solutions to reduce the amount of paper documents as well as other advantages of content management systems, there is a huge amount of paper documents and documents that need to be converted into electronic documents and included within databases in Known as Data Migration.
The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provided all of these possibilities to its customers by providing a service to scan documents and documents accumulated in record periods. The scanning of accumulated paper documents includes analysis, preparation, scanning, indexing and archiving of the databases in the organization’s content management.
Electronic archiving has been developed to be used to store and convert paper files and documents into electronic documents and then electronically deal with them and can be added to any of the programs that deal with content management systems within any organization or government agency.

The center provides digital switching devices for all types of information containers regardless of container size, regardless of language.

The Center also provides a system for conservation, search, archiving and retrieval, and full support of the Arabic language.

It implements the latest standards in electronic archiving and electronic archiving.

We enable you to convert and save important data, images and documents of all kinds in a secure and easy-to-access digital image as quickly as possible.