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Full technical processing services for libraries

The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers, through its accumulation of expertise, and its technical staff specialized in the automation of libraries, contribute to the provision of technical processing and cataloging services at the highest quality. The Center also provides direct vascular processing services, The automated system, all in accordance with the latest international standards and within a standardized quality mechanism, includes three levels, the first of which is the cataloging. These include the creation of machine-readable bibliographies in all their fields in their standard form and consistent with the policy of each library in the application of the standard Whether the Anglo-American cataloging rules are using the Mark 21 or RDA rules, the establishment of all fields of master records by professional indexers, and the second review: which includes review of authoritative entries, matching the classification number and substantive entries, and third, quality control: Record, all tiers, indicators, spellings, etc.