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Printing, Publishing and Distribution

The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provides all types of intellectual production for authors, university publications, libraries, etc. The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provides all library and information center services and the establishment and establishment of the library from start to finish. And also distribute, distribute and distribute them throughout the Arab world through participating in international book fairs, which is one of the most important marketing methods at all. Therefore, we are always keen through our partners to cover the most important international exhibitions held in the Arab world, The exhibition will cover the Cairo International Fair, the Sharjah International Fair, the Abu Dhabi International Fair, the Riyadh International Fair, the Kuwait International Fair, as well as other exhibitions covered by agents in different countries.

The International Library and Information Center also provides the following pre-publication services:

1- Classroom Services: The Center will classify all books before publishing them through a number of outstanding grade and printing professionals. The author of the book can deliver the original material to be published, whether electronically or in paper. The Center will then classify, print, coordinate and electronically publish the book.

2 – correction services Language: The International Center for libraries and information centers to correct the books after the completion of the electronic grade, and examines the center in the correction of the book accuracy in the correction by matching the origin of the author with the new version matrix completed by the professionals of electronic grade, The corrector shall verify the information and its source, and correct grammatical, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in its proper place and identify any error that may be intentionally or unintentionally caused by the author. The author shall be notified of any deletion or modification of the book even if the amendment is one word .

Then the book is returned to the electronic grade professionals, to modify the errors discovered during the patch, and after the last revision in the book returns to the debugger, to make sure the correction errors, then go to the auditor to check the book, and finally the author to inform him of the latest version of the book.

3 – Design and output: The cover of the book and output is the secret of attractiveness, it may alienate the reader from a useful and useful book because of its cover, and took care of the International Center for Libraries and Information Centers this aspect by choosing directors and designers graphic and calligraphers distinct in the creation of new designs and innovative that fit with the contents of the book, It is suitable for the tastes of booksellers and readers, and chose to readers distinguished types of fine paper soft texture and light weight so that the reader carrying his book with him without a burden or weight because of his weight.

4. Legal Documentation and Custody: The International Center for Book and Information Centers also provides full assistance services in documenting the content of your books and works and registering your property for the preservation of books from leaks, piracy and theft through international and Arab legal methods. The Arab Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPU) registers the intellectual property of each author in the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Arab Organization for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights) ).

5 – In order to document the book and place it in its place scientifically appropriate and facilitate the process of identifying the content on the Internet, the International Center for Libraries and Information Centers committed to the work of index card for each book will be printed and published, requiring each book to a specific number within the classification Dewey decimal and ISBN .

6. Printing: The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers is also responsible for printing the book in agreement with the author. The Center has chosen the best printing presses in Egypt, and in various governorates of the country or abroad, to reach the highest levels of printing.

7. Indexing of the National Library: The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers will index the books and add copies of the book to the National Library and Archives.