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Training and professional consulting

The International Center for Libraries and Information Centers provides many consulting services for libraries and information centers, and all specialized courses in the field of libraries and information technology.

Consultancy services include:

Planning: It includes the development of plans for digitization projects or the automation of libraries and the provision of modern technologies, including analysis of existing systems and study the work flow of institutions and bodies to propose the best solutions within the resources available to institutions in addition to provide feasibility studies for projects to be carried out by institutions.

2. Follow-up and supervision: The follow-up and supervision of the various phases of the project to ensure the project in the right direction to achieve the desired results in addition to ensuring the quality and efficiency of the work throughout the project period with periodic reports on projects and provide statistics on the work in addition to the assessment of personnel involved in the work during Project Period.

3. Evaluation: It includes the final evaluations of the services provided, testing the quality of the systems and services provided, ensuring their suitability for pre-defined requirements and their support to international standards, as well as issuing reports on the receipt of projects by experts and specialists in both integrated automated systems, digitalization systems, Securing holdings as well as evaluating the technical works and quality control.

In addition, we provide our client with all of our consulting and training services in the form of practical and useful in the field of libraries and information technology and all related fields.